Old Tom Copper Marker

Old Tom Copper Marker

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In the year 1821 ‘Old Tom Morris’, The Godfather of the modern game was born. 200 years later in the place of his birth I have designed and created a copper ball marker to honour his 200th year. 

Hame ball markers are all individually  stamped and forged in the workshop. Each marker is 100% Copper and has a diameter of approximately 4cm. The marker features my own design of Old Toms face and his birth year (1821).

The reverse side features the text ‘Hame Golf Handmade in Scotland’, with the option to include personalisation of up to 4 characters. We are not counting full stops as characters so please include them in the form box if you want stops between letters/numbers. For more characters or special requests please contact info@hamegolf.com 

Being fully handmade the markers may vary slightly.

When copper is exposed to the elements it will change in tone and finish, giving it a beautiful aged patina. This can be embraced or polished up to its original shine.