Part of the motivation behind starting Hame Golf was to give golfers an option of quality and long lasting golf accessories, whilst aiming to be as sustainable as possible. Providing an alternative to mass produced covers.

Harris tweed

Harris Tweed is naturally renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. It is wind and water resistant without the need for additional chemical finishes. Harris Tweed mills comply with world leading legislative standards including the use of biodegradable dyeing processes. The weaving and textile production creates sustainable employment opportunities for generations of islanders.

Wrapping it up

The products are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes/ envelopes padded with cardboard. Every element of the packaging is recyclable right down from the business cards to the tape. I have chosen not to attach removable labels or sewn in care labels to the products to reduce waste. 


All the leather I use is a by-product of the food industry. It is tanned through natural processes, reducing additional chemical treatments. 

Waste Not

The production and restock model means there is never any more than needed. This means no waste.


I also love to up-cycle materials of sentimental value into covers. Please contact if this is something that interests you.

Doing all I can

I try to be as sustainable as I possibly can. In the interest of full disclosure, I use protective padding between layers of tweed (to hold structure) and elastic in the fairway wood and driver covers. I have sourced the highest quality of the above to balance sustainability with function and durability. I am always looking to improve and be as sustainable as possible and welcome any feedback on how to improve sustainability. Please message if you have any suggestions. 

Together we can aim to look after the beautiful places and people that host the game we love.