The Kilted Golfer (Service currently closed)

The Kilted Golfer (Service currently closed)

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Made to order Tartan Driver and Fairway covers.

Please contact to specify the Tartan and cover types you want + to find the current lead time on custom covers.

All covers are hand made in Scotland.

Exterior: Tartan of your choice, 100% wool.

Interior: Contrasting soft fleece for protection.

Top: Option of leather black/chestnut top.

Tag: Leather, handmade.

A material that Celts have worn for thousands of years Tartan is steeped in history. Tartans come in Ancient, Modern and Weathered finishes, please specify the finish and name of the Tartan you wish to have your cover made from through email to

Driver Size: 
Approximate dimensions: 28cm long, maximum diameter 14cm. Compatible with 400-460 CC drivers.

Fairway Wood Size: 
Approximate dimensions: 24cm long, maximum diameter 11cm. Compatible with 3 and 5 woods.